Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bleaching Hair Care

After posting my video on how I lightened my hair from black to ash brown I received a lot of questions about after care. This post will answer all or most of those questions. Now remember these tips are all things that I have done and seen through my experience with coloring hair. I will talk about before dying, during dying, and after dying. I would say that it is pretty important to follow most of these tips when doing the process I did in the video or any process similar.

For anymore hair health tips you can check out my post on how to grow long healthy hair by clicking HERE!

Before Dying

  • Make sure that before you bleach your hair that your hair is in good standing condition. I do not recommend bleaching your hair if it has been chemically treated more than 3 times before. 
  • The day that you bleach your hair make sure it is AT LEAST left one day unwashed. Two days would be better. This protects your hair from getting too much moisture stripped from the strands.
  • Make sure to test a small section of your hair with the bleach first!!!! You want to know how your hair/scalp will react to the bleach.

During Dying

  • When you bleach your hair be sure to follow ALL the directions on the packages!
  • Apply to the ends and body of the hair first. Then after 5-10 minutes apply to the roots.

After Dying
  • DO NOT wash your hair everyday!!!!! By washing your hair everyday it strips natural oils from your hair which can dry out your hair even further. You want to have your hair absorb as much oils as possible for the next few weeks. Also by washing too frequently the color will fade much faster.
  • Avoid and more chemical treatments! Period end of story! The more you chemically treat it, the more damaged it will get.
  • Condition as much as possible! Try and use a moisture rich conditioner. You can also use dry end serums and leave in conditioners. I would also suggest a hair mask once a week. There are many recipes you can find online. 
  • Avoid heated styling tools. This one is not the most important rule. I break it a lot. But the less you use blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and other things of the sort the better. 


  1. Hey! I liked your video and I do have questions! You mentioned that virgin hair takes bleach well, like the intended unpigmented colour that it should be. Is this also true when the dye is applied directly with no bleach?

    Would really appreciate your insight on my case: I've been growing out my hair for the last three years so it becomes 100% free of dye and other chemical treatments. Now, I have a full head of virgin black/dark dark brown Asian hair that I want to colour ash brown. Would it take colour even remotely well if I forego bleach?

    I know it's impossible to lighten without bleach, but given that what I have now is untouched and chemical-free, I wanted to know if it's wise to dye without the bleach :)


  2. thank you this helped alot . i have really black hair and ive been wanting to dye my hair brown but i didnt know how so THANK YOU THANK YO THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!

  3. If you check out my beauty channel I have a video showing you guys exactly how I dyed my hair. And I also have a follow up video on the hair care for afterwards. I am glad this helped you. If you have any more questions just leave a comment.