Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bouncy Voluminous Curls + GIVEAWAY

Hey guys so I finally got a new hair tutorial up on my beauty channel. These curls are my go to daily curl. I choose them the most because the are quick easy and best of all PRETTY! I also recommend learning this technique because once you learn it, you will be able to master almost all of my different curls. I use this technique for my vintage inspired curls  and also my bombshell curls. Definitely take a look at this video if you want to learn how I curl my hair.  Also read below for some tips on cleaner long lasting curls.


  1. For cleaner curls make sure to brush through all sections before curling.
  2. For those with frizzier hair use a frizz serum before curling. Also before curling the hair run the hair through the clamp of the curling iron and then continue onto curling the section.
  3. To keep curls in longer make sure to first off keep the hair in the clamp longer. About 8-10 sec.
  4. Instead of finger combing at the end, finger comb section by section and hairspray section before moving onto the next. REMEMBER NOT TO OVER DO THE HAIRSPRAY!

Alright guys, now comes the exciting part. I have been planning on doing many more giveaways with you all. Whether they are big or small, I plan on doing more of them. I have a bigger one planned for when I reach 250 subscribers but for this video I decided to do a small surprise giveaway. It's nothing gigantic or expensive but I promise it's not some crappy present. If you want to know what it is you'll just have to enter. Read below to see the rules and how to enter!

  1. MUST be a subscriber to shellyannesbeauty on youtube! (I will check!)
How to Enter:
  1. If you plane on using this tutorial take a picture of how your curls turned out.
  2. Tweet/Instagram the picture to me @justshellyanne
It's really that simple. It's not required to follow me on twitter but that would be a bonus ;)

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