Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Favorites 2012

Hey guys so it is about that time for a favorites post! These are my 

October favorites and reviews. I hope you all enjoy. Not all of these 
products however are fall products. Some of them are actually summer
 releases that I just recently fell in love with during the month of 
October. So with out any more wait let's get into them (:

Essence Color & Go Nail Polish

 Alright so this nail polish made to my October favorites because I LOVE how fast it dries and how shiny and creamy it looks on my nails. This nail polish is the Essence Color & Go quick drying nail polish. The color I bought it in is 97 Absolutely Blue. I'm not just talking about this specific color though. I do plan on going back to buy many more colors of the Essence Color & Go nail polishes. They are cheap, about $1.99 each and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Definitely a great find!

WetnWild Megalast in Poison Ivy

The WetnWild Megalast nail polishes have always been some of my favorites. They work well and look nice. Not to mention they are very afordable at only $1.99 each. I also love the wide brush applicator. But during the month of October I became OBSESSED with this nail polish in the color 33904 Poison Ivy. It came out in the WetnWild Halloween collection for 2012. Let me say best purchase EVER.I am crazy about dark nails, especially in the fall and winter time. This color is a very pretty dark green with a satin finish. In most lighting it appears almost black. However when just right the green appears and it looks gorgeous. This specific color has gotten me very excited to see what other limited edition colors they have headed our way! If you  see this in stores I say BUY IT!

Essence My Base Skin Perfecting Primer

Surprise surprise, another Essence product has made the favorites this month. Recently I purchased the new Essence My Base Skin Perfecting face primer. I normally don't use primer, but I decided I wanted to branch out and see what it could do for me. I didn't want to drop a lot of money on my first primer, especially because I don't find myself needing one. That's why I decided to purchase this Essence one. It was no more than $10. I wasn't expecting too much out of it. This product though did great things. Because of the cold air the skin around my nose has been drying. Using this primer and moisturizer on dry spots of my face have prevented any cakey looking foundation. I love it because it is very light feeling and it makes foundation application around dry areas very easy. It also makes it look very smooth and natural. It is a great first time primer and I recommend anyone who is starting off with primer and not looking to spend a lot of money to try this one out! You won't regret it.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Seduction Body Spray

This is not to get confused with the Victoria's Secret Bombshell original. I do love them both very much, but I love this one just a little bit more. I received this as a present from a friend after graduation in June. I didn't start using it until this month however. This body spray ended up on my October favorites because of how AMAZING it smells. It has a very tangy citrus and floral smell to it. I absolutely love it.....and so do the guys!The bombshell original has more of a sweeter smell to it whereas this one has a nice kick of excitement to it. That's the only way I know how to explain it. A 250 mL bottle will only set you back $25. It is a body spray so it isn't as concentrated at the perfume but I do find that it is strong and long lasting for a body spray. I usually use about 4 sprays of it and I am good for about 4 hours.

Next to my Victoria's Secret Super Model perfume (now discontinued), this body spray is my second favorite perfume in my entire collection. Don't be afraid to buy this. Well worth the money and Shelly approved. And just for a fun fact I did a little blind survey with my guy friends and had them smell 3 of my perfumes, including this one, and each of them picked this to be their favorite. So yes girls I would say this is definitely date appropriate as well ;)

For a little bit more of an innocent smell you can use the Bombshell original, the guys like that one too haha.

Victoria's Secret Summer Freshes Vibrant Peony Body Souffle 

I know, I know, this is a summer product. However I bought this in late August and wanted to use it when I came out to college which wasn't until late September. Over October I found myself LOVING this product. As far as moisturizing the skin goes, this product is nothing special. I wasn't expecting much of that anyway. The reason I love this product is because of the smell and how LONG LASTING it is. I capitalized that for a reason. The smell will literally last all day. It is also very strong that I don't need to use a lot of it either. It has a very nice floral smell to it. There are two other floral scents as well. I definitely wish I had bought those along with this one. It's a great product and I absolutely love it! One 185g/6.5oz container only cost $14. That is a steal in my opinion.

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